If you loved your front row seats with me at the New York Mercedes Benz Fashion week last week, then you will Love London’s!
London’s Fashion week, September 13 – 17, is set to showcase some of the world’s leading Fashion talent with over 60 cat walk shows on the official schedule
and it’s one of the highest watched fashion events in the world & one of the “Big Four” International cat walk influencers.
There are over 5,000 visitors who attend while the media coverage equals or exceeds most major news and international Sporting events!
Yes, it’s hard to imagine that all fashion weeks from around the world are that different from each other and each as exciting!
So don’t go anywhere because after London is Milan then were off to Paris! You won’t want to miss one minute of this excitement of international fashion shows…


London September 13-17
Milan – September 18-23
Paris – September 24- October 2nd

Friday’s Schedule:
Fridays Schedule

Saturday’s Schedule:
Saturday's Schedule

Sundays’ Schedule:
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Monday’s Schedule:
Monday's Schedule

Tuesday’s Schedule:
Tuesday's Schedule