As the award season grows with the younger producers who have an eye for Financing! (Spending Money!) Hollywood has become renewed with a hope that the grave yard of forsaken films can be resurrected.

We have become all too familiar with Harvey Weinstein’s amazing taste in films from history pieces to his long love of French Cinema.

But a new comer Megan Ellison, who has helped finance 13 films that has produced 35 OSCAR nominations (including 17 this week). Over the past 3 years she has become the most talked about independent Financier in Hollywood.

What’s important to know is her family; she is the daughter of Oracle CEO & Billionaire Larry Ellison. According to Forbes his net worth is 41 Billion making him the 3rd richest man in America. This is certainly a door opener! The 27- year- old with her company “Annapurna Pictures” (Named after the famous Himalayan circuit she hiked in Nepal in 2006) is helping to change the way Hollywood is bankrolling its movies. Backing films that have been turned down by major studios; like one of our favorites, “Zero-Dark-Thirty” (Check out our interview), and “The Master.”

Ellison has this season nominations for David O Russell’s “American Hustle, The Wong Kar Wais, “The Grand Masters” (Check out our interview), & Spike Jonze’s “Her”.

You will not see Ellison hogging the lime light as she has a hands-off approach with her writers & directors and can you imagine has never granted a personal interview! Ellison dropped out of U.S.C. film school after less than a year, but that doesn’t stop her keen eye or sense of timing from getting movies into production. To Ellison’s credit, $45 million in Zero-Dark-Thirty and $40 million in “American Hustle” together have grossed over $290 million worldwide at the Box office.

Annapurna Pictures Company plans on investing in original daring movies made by prestigious directors & screen writers. In 2014 Ellison became the first woman, and the fourth person to receive two best pictures Academy Awards nominations in the same year. Which, she received for her work on “Her”, & “American Hustle”.

Watch for the Terminator projects, and the star Arnold Schwarzenegger to be resurrected as Ellison and her brother David Ellison both bought the rights (David 30, who also is in the film business & in some ways more powerful than his sister. Like her, he attended, but has not graduated from U.S.C.’s film school) at $20 million to secure the rights to its future and a long legacy.