Marilyn Monroe with red lips

Marilyn Monroe with red lips

Wear it Red for FALL! Make it a statement: GO RED all the way with Nails and Lips.
Interviewing thousands of celebrities and attending Red Carpet events all over the world, I will always notice first, the glamour of chic red lips, matched with red nails. You can wear the newest fall look at any age, day or night, it’s that easy and I’ll show you how. With great products and a little “how-to,” you can wear that daring and classic red lipstick, making any face look Hollywood. Think of red lipstick as the “Little Black Dress” you keep in your make-up bag.

1) Pick your Red: Orange/Red is best suited for all fair to medium skin tones (like me!). I love the MAC Matte Lipstick in RUSSIAN RED.
Olive skin tones call for a Brown/Red or the Oxblood (2012 new name for Burgundy). Try Manic Panic Black Rose Burgundy Lipstick Gothic 80s. Remember if you want brighter and whiter teeth, use an at home kit like Glo Glo Brilliant. You can even wear a red lipstick with a blue undertone to make your teeth look whiter.
2) Keep your other make up subtle. Your everyday red should be accompanied by a subtle, natural-looking face.
3) Apply your Primer such as the MAC Prep Primer, first, then your makeup, to give you that flawless face. Apply your mascara, curl your eyelashes and give the eyebrows a good grooming. I like a little deeper color on mine. In the evening you can go with a smokey eye and blush for a trendier look!
4) You really don’t need a lip pencil to outline the lips with this look. I would use a lip liner, like the MAC Cremestick Liner, to line your lips then fill in with the lipstick for a rich color! You’ll find this way really defines your mouth and gives you that matte maddness you’ve always wanted!
5) Going glossy is up to you. It’s more modern looking, especially if you like a volume plumper for a fuller lip. You could also try Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion for the right plumpness. Be sure to blot your lips on tissue then apply the gloss over. However, its good to note that a matte formula lipstick stays on the lips longer and won’t spread.

Check out the latest in lipsticks with the longest staying power, Lip Stain, and Hydro shine Lip Gel. Celebrity makeup artist, Daniel Sandler, helps us get the red lipstick look!

Be sure to check out these red looks on the red carpet: Peter Som, Thakoon, Victoria Beckham, Jonathan Saunders, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jil Sanders, Rick Ownes, and Rochas.

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