I adore this time of year like no other, when the cool weather starts to sweep in and the jackets and boots come out!
The Neiman Marcus Fall collections were full of great shoes with that point! I saw pointed tips, whether it was a Boot or pump! You can pick the heel height that works for you!
I think it can give your outfit a very chic look, with a tight waxy leg pant or the pencil skirt. It gives you the long leg silhouette!

Pointed Shoes


Remember, RED is the new neutral.
Red on a chic jacket, coat, or bag will look stunning this Fall. It’s the go to color, so do yourself a favor and update your look for fall with something fabulous in red. Maybe you will prefer some lipstick in a bold shade of red. Or the more subdued offerings in burgundy? Whatever suits your fancy, but there is surely something for everyone.



Jackets are a must this season! From Animal Print to Rocker Chic!
And don’t forget to get one in your favorite color!



And here is a gallery of photos from the Palm Beach Neiman Marcus Fall Line up!

Neiman Marcus