Tom Hiddelston of Marvel’s “The Avengers” and Roxanna Cella of RoxWorld.TV go one on one in an exclusive interview.

Having watched the premiere of The Avengers, one star shines bright and that’s Tom Hiddleston, “Loki,” whom also stars in Thor and Stephen Spielberg’s award-winning War Horse as Captain Nicholls. I  loved interviewing him. He’s great fun as he puts on his Hulk gloves to show me his protective moves like the one and only Incredible Hulk! Of course I am the only one he has to fear.

The very first issue of the comic book, The Avengers, (almost 50 years ago) was Loki, Thor’s brother. Loki was causing the trouble that brought all The Avengers together for the first time to defeat him in the making of the movie and Marvel stayed true to that setup. Loki, played by Tom Hiddelston, is a much stronger villain on earth than he is in his world of Asguard. I asked Tom about his character as the God of Mischief; how his character has been growing; how he was able to help create Loki’s bad boy personality and how he wreaks havoc in Marvel’s The Avengers. Loki has to fight all eight of the worlds comic book super heroes, Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man, Mark Ruffalo – The Incredible Hulk, Chris Hemsworth – Thor, Chris Evans – Captain America, Jeremy Renner – Hawkeye and Scarlett Johansson – the Black Widow, as they team up on him to pull the world back from the brink of disaster.

You will be left with the question, when will we see the sequel? You won’t be able to wait because it leaves you wanting more. You don’t want to miss what Tom Hiddleston has to say about the sequel to Marvel’s The Avengers and what to expect from Loki.