The Golden Globe Awards can add “Dare to Bare” to its Awards in 2013.
Certainly the Red Carpet was not to miss this year and the Oscar will have to work overtime to compete!
I was thrilled to wear a gown from La Casa Hermosa in our tribute show to the Golden Globe awards. You have to look twice to see if it’s fabric or me showing! (I’m not telling!)

Rox in her "Dare to Bare" dress at La Casa Hermosa

Rox in her “Dare to Bare” dress at La Casa Hermosa

Robin Fleming, Proprietress of La Casa Hermosa dresses all the Miss Americas and Miss USA Pageant Girls and so I was thrilled to wear a dress of her choice! GOLD was the dress for me I loved it! The back was all open with one sleeve all in lace. Ms Fleming said it gives you the feeling of bareness with strategic placement of the lace. To my surprise, many stars wore the dare to bare gowns on the Red Carpet. Leave it to Ms. Lopez to be on the cutting edge of gowns!
Wondering how they create that image without the hanging out everywhere?
Thanks to sturdy under layers and savvy positioning of opaque panels, sequins and other distractions. Ms. Seyfried’s Givenchy Haute Couture gown used opaque cross panels to cover the necessary parts while revealing transparent lace at the cleavage and waist. Ms. Lopez’s Zuhair Murad gown had a lining that almost perfectly matched her skin tone, making it appear that she wore only a few strategic pieces of white lace.
Still, there are plenty of clothes that offer a transparent feel without being revealing. Designers are incorporating transparency in various ways, such as using lace or embroidered daisies on transparent backing, for instance, or adding sheer silk panels to otherwise ordinary-looking clothes. Some largely sheer looks add opaque panels strategically placed to cover key body parts.
So many designers created small bra-lets (unstructured bras aimed at providing coverage rather than support) to wear under their sheer apparel that the bra-let was called out as a spring 2013 trend of its own on many blogs and websites.
Sheer looks are ideal for evening. Change up a little black dress by adding swishy sheer pants that offer a chic modern look or toss a sheer skirt over trim cropped pants (or shorts, if you dare).