There are a few things in life that need attention 24-7 and one is maintaining skin tautness. I love Vaseline Total Moisture lotion, it really keeps my skin soft and exposure ready! I have to take special care of these legs, as you know, I’m fair skinned and not in the sun all the time! But, that doesn’t mean I don’t love the tanned look and in south Florida, you’re expected to glow, so I use L’Oreal Body Expertise SUBLIME Bronze Luminous Bronzer Self tanning lotion. I use it every day and it REALLY WORKS!!! I mean I can’t beat the price of only $10.99. It’s absolutely amazing. However, since I save so much on my tanning lotion, I can justify splurging on the new sleek pumps by Alexander McQueen! Ever since my visit to London to film the beautiful Royal Wedding, I have been in love with the designer. Thanks to L’Oreal and McQueen, my legs and feet are not only a head turner, but they both look like they’re worth a million bucks!

One more thing I need to add to my beauty and fashion list for the day: NAILS. I have the most wanted nail polish out there, Charlotte Knight’s Nail Polish line, “Caviar Manicure”. It’s a kit that comes with an array of tiny glass beads. I love the multi-colors, it’s like the cotton candy sprinkles you put on cup cakes or cookies; almost looks good enough to eat! All you have to do is layer it on top of your painted talons, and please ladies, don’t forget your toes, sandal season is here!

WARNING it can get tacky, so no “Caviar Manicure” over-load! You can find it at for $25. It may not be your cheapest nail polish find, but definitely worth it for that special occasion!