Russell Crow stars alongside Mark Wahlberg, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Natalie Martinez, and Jeffery Wright in, Broken City.
This film has a fabulous twist at the end, I never saw it coming! With corrupt Politicians, New York City was the perfect location to film this movie!
Mark Whalberg plays Billy, a sober private eye who was kicked off the NYC Police Dept for a questionable shooting. Seven years later and living with his girlfriend, Natalie Martinez (by the way she looks smoking hot in this film and up close when I interviewed her in Miami), the past comes back to haunt Billy as he’s doubled crossed and framed by NYC most powerful figure the Mayor Nicolas Hostetler (Russell Crowe). The Mayor hires Billy to investigate if his wife (Zeta-Jones) is having an affair!
A one on one interview with Russel was so interesting as he shared his story about the cast and this film getting down and dirty with Mark, how he has such a fondness for Catherine and it was such fun to get to work with her (he’s know her for years)!
He also talked about all his upcoming films like Noah & The Man Of Steel
We also look forward to showing you our one-on-one with Mark Wahlberg & Natalie Martinez as they share with us the rocky romance they have on camera together! And what Mark thought when he first read the script… it’s great fun.
I loved the interviews and the movie Broken City!
Written By: Brian Tucker
Director: Allen Hughes
Stay tuned for full interviews with all of the amazing cast!
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