DEC 25
Watch as Ben Stiller not only stars in, but also directs this remake of the 1947 film inspired by the 1939 James Thurbere short story of the same title.

“As I have gotten older, I’ve really gotten in touch with the idea that the life you lead often becomes the one you end up living, as opposed to what you might imagined life would be like when you’re young!” says, Stiller.

In this film the story gets into the reason why someone becomes a daydreamer. As a photo editor for the final issue of Life Magazine, Walter (Ben Stiller) heads out on a real adventure to dangerous corners of the world seeking a missing shot by a famous photographer (Sean Penn). He is helped by his co-worker, Cheryl (Kristen Wiig), who helps him with his courage.

Stiller also tells us, “My wish is that we made a movie that people have a hard tine categorizing. I hope it is funny, serious, epic and intimate, realistic while also being sort of fantasy too. Mainly, I hope it connects with the idea that we all have something inside of us waiting to get out, and all it takes is the courage to stop dreaming and start living!”

Starring : Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Sean Penn, Shirley MacLaine
Directed By : Ben Stiller
1939 James Thurber short Story, 1947 Danny Kaye film